Dear USSD Family,

As you know, United Studios of Self Defense is dedicated to helping our community.  We have seen a constant trend of bullying

Anti Bullying Seminar Karate Mission Viejo

Anti Bullying Seminar at Karate Mission Viejo

happening in schools all around, and for that reason we are setting up the Anti-Bullying Seminar on July 19th, 2014. This FREE Event will inform parents and students of all ages, whether they are members or not, of what they can do in these situation.  We will go over the following:

1.  Appropriate ways to handle a bullying situation.

2.  How to identify a bully in class, and help understand them.

3.  How as parents we can prevent these situations from happening, and which signs are good to follow.

Every participant will receive a 2 Week Introductory Beginner’s Program at any of our participating locations, so you can continue your training and better yourself.

To participate simply email or call us at 949.586.3818, or 949.365.0886

This event is FREE, all you have to do is contact us and say you wish to attend.

Date:  Saturday July 19th, 2014

Time:  3-4pm

Location:  24170 Alicia Pkwy., Mission Viejo, Ca 92691