Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday PartyMartial Arts are fun for everyone, and not just our students. If your child is looking for an exciting and different idea for their next birthday party, let us help!

We host birthday parties for up to 25 people. Your kids will run, laugh, interact and possibly even learn something. And who better to supervise your children as they celebrate than a room full of blackbelts?

For years, kids have enjoyed their birthday parties with USSD Mission Viejo Karate. They tell all of their friends about how unique and different a party at a karate dojo is than their friend’s typical jumpy house party. Give your kids a birthday party to remember this year.

Package A:

2 Hour Party – we provide basic decorations, balloons, banners, streamers, tables, music, entertainment, set up, clean up, invitations, and of course the location (you provide the cake and refreshments): $175.00.

Package B:

3 Hour Party – we provide all the same as package A, but with one more hour of entertainment: $225.00

Full Package Special:

2 Hour Party – we provide decorations, balloons, banners, streamers, tables, utensils, cups, music, finger foods, party favors, personalized cake, invitations, set up and clean up for just $299.00


If you want us to provide party favors + $70

If you want us to provideĀ finger foods, refreshments, napkins, utensils, and cups + $50

If you want us to provideĀ a customized cake + $50


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