Dear USSD Family,

We are pleased to announce our Broad Sword Seminar Coming on Saturday, March 23, 2013 from 3pm to 5pm.  Pricing to this event will vary, as some of our students already own their own swords, but the price will definitely include your weapon.  Please stay alert as we will be updating this information promptly.

The Seminar will consists of different sections: 1. Learning about the weapon, 2.  Learning the history of it and its use, 3.  Learning defense techniques against other attackers, and 4.  Learning a Shaolin form, this year’s form will be: “Shaolin Sword”.

We hope you will enjoy learning about this beautiful weapon, which has been used by the Shaolin Monks for thousands of years.  If you are concerned about safety, do not worry.  As you know, all of our seminars are taught by trained professional black belts, and other Senseis have been called to maintain safety during training.  The weapons distributed will be blunt, and therefore, very safe for our students.

All ages over 7 years old, and all belts are welcome to participate.  Please email, or simply sign up at the studio to reserve your spot.  Because of limitations with your studio, we will only be allowing up to 15 people to sign up.

See you then,

The USSD Staff