Destination Imagination Challenge Winner – Our very own Dylan!

We are always happy to celebrate our students accomplishments.  Most of them come in the form of a new belt, or a tournament trophy. But the Martial Arts is about teaching you how to be resourceful.  In this case, our friend Dylan, was able to demonstrate his resourcefulness when he started a project through Destination Imagination.  For more information on this programs, please visit

We were very pleased to hear that his team was selected as the winner of the state challenge just recently, which means Dylan, and the rest of his team will be traveling to Tennessee very soon for the Global competition.  According to DI, these challenges, are not only hard, but mostly encourage the team members to create anything from scratch.  Adult supervision is allowed, but the most important key is that the participants do all the work themselves, without having a professional do the work for them.

We have known Dylan for many years and we know him to be a very strong Martial Artists.  Now, we know he is not only that, but also a very dedicated and creative person. We are very proud of your accomplishments Dylan, keep up the good work!