This is a wonderful announcement!  Our sister studio, Mission Viejo South, will be celebrating a Grand Re-Opening on August 24th, 2013.  We will be there to support Sensei Melanie, who you might remember as a Senior Sensei at our studio up to April 2013.  She moved on to a much better challenge as she became Chief Instructor of the Mission Viejo South Studio.  We are very proud of her, and wish her great success, and for this reason we will like to invite everyone to assist the Re-Opening.

There will be lots of activities that day, including a bounce house, hot-dogs and burgers, fun activities for the kids, music, and of course wonderful, energy-packed classes during the whole day.  All of these activities are completely Free to Everyone.

Our studio will be closing at 12pm that day.  The Kids classes at 10am and 11am are still on, and after that we will be going to Mission Viejo South to be part of the activities.  If you have a private lesson that day after 12pm, please email us at so we can re-schedule it for you.  Thank you so much in advance for your support.