Dear USSD Family,

We are very excited to introduce an additional feature to our system:  Belt Stripes.  This system is used by several school in different ways, but United Studios is making good use of it to encourage our students to strive to their next rank.  The way this will work is the following:

1.  Every Tiny Tiger (3-6 years) and Teen Dragon (7-12 years) Students will receive up to 4 stripes per belt.  Stripes will be awarded for a) knowing all basics for next rank, b) knowing all techniques, such as DMs, Kempos, etc. required for next rank.  c) knowing all forms for next rank, and d) one RED stripe, which means you are being recommended for testing.

2.  Stripes do not symbolize you are a higher rank.  For example a Yellow Belt with 2 stripes is not higher than a Yellow Belt with one stripe.

3.  Stripes will be given on the following color coordination:  a) yellow stripes for white belts, b) orange stripes for yellow belts, c) purple stripes for orange belts, d) blue stripes for purple belts, e) green stripes for blues and blue/green belts.  By the time you reach a green belt, you are now considered an Advanced Student, which means you are expected to have learned patience, and you are no longer in need to have a stripe.  Adult students will not be given stripes (sorry)

4.  Stripes will only be awarded during testing week.  Parents please note that your kids should show up to group and private lessons during this week, which is always the week when testing will be occuring, usually the last week of the month.  We will be using the last part of the class to award the stripes.  Games and show and tell will be postponed to make space for this.

We hope you help us embrace this new feature, as we are putting it in place in order to encourage our students going forward.  It should also give you a better idea of how soon they will be testing.  Should you have any questions please email us at

Thank you for your time.


Sensei Luis Auza

Chief Instructor