This has been a wonderful journey. Just recently I was speaking to some parents about our studio and how much it has changed. As we approach our 5th year in this location I am reminded of all the people we have been able to help throughout this time.

We met people from different places, some even from very far away, but they have all come with the same attitude, and goals. We have met kids turned into strong wonderful teenagers, people who always loved Martial Arts and were afraid to start finally get their Black Belt, but most importantly, we have seen people smile no matter what.

We are delighted to see families every day that come into the studio looking for self defense training, but learning to be more confident and focused as well as learning self defense. It is not about the style we practice, it is more about what you learn underneath.

We want to deeply thank all the families that have come to our school, the ones that stayed, and even the ones that didn’t for giving us the  opportunity to share our love of the martial arts with them.  Our anniversary party will be held at the studio on December 12, 2015 starting at 9 AM. Everyone is invited to come and celebrate together, and we sincerely hope to see you there.