Welcome and Disclaimer

Welcome to the Student Resources Section.  In this section you can access Free Notes, and resources to Material that you learned in class.  We should point out that the techniques detailed here should FIRST be taught by a Professional USSD instructor.  These notes and instructions are not for you to learn the technique from, but on the contrary, they are intended to remind you of what you have learned in class.

These are effective Self Defense Techniques, that have been carefully studied and approved by our team of Professional Black Belt Instructors.  Every week, we will be adding new techniques to this section.  All of these techniques are Exclusive Property of United Studios of Self Defense Mission Viejo, and they are intended only for the use of its Black Belt Staff and Active Students.  Any reproduction, or use without proper written permission from Auza Li International, LLC is not allowed, and protected by standard copyright law.

Please note also that the use of these techniques outside of the Studio and/or the supervision of an authorized Black Belt Instructor means that you are fully responsible for its outcome, and that you understand that United Studios of Self Defense Mission Viejo, Auza, Li International, LLC, its instructors and staff, and any affiliates, are not responsible for any harm that may come to you or anyone around you.

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Overhead Clubs

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