Welcome to our MLK Week Sale!.  This sale is only valid from Monday January 19th, until Monday January 26th, 2015.  In order to participate you must email Sensei Luis at sensei.luis@karatemv.com, or simply give us a call at 949.586.3818.


Here is the list of savings and items:


Sparring Gear – Save 10% of original price.  Original $200 – NOW ONLY $180 plus tax

For Yellow Belts and above.  This package includes Gloves, a Cage Helmet, Shin Guards, Shoes, Athletic Cup (boys only, girls may exchange for equivalent item), Tournament Bag, Mouthpiece and container.







$250 Gift Certificates – Original $49.95, on Sale for $29.95

This is a great Gift Idea to give your loved ones, who may be     interested in starting Martial Arts Lessons.  The Certificate includes One Month of Classes, including Private and Group Lessons + Uniform.  These certificates are only valid at Mission Viejo West, Mission Viejo South and Fountain Valley, and may not be redeemed for cash.  They have no expiration date. New Students only.




Kicking / Punching Bags – Original Starting at $129.95 + tax, Now on Sale-  Starting at $99 + tax (price may vary depending on sizes)

Perfect for training at home.  These bags come in a variety of sizes and in three main colors: black, red and blue.   They are easily assembled and fill up with water or sand.






Training Set – Original $155.98, Now on Sale for $129 + tax (Save 15%)

This training set includes a medium size kicking shield, two curved focus mitts, and a blocker.  You may choose your color: yellow, blue, black and red.  Great for training at home.





Sword, Nunchaku or Bo Staff Lessons – Original $220, now $99 (Save 50%)

Includes 5 private lessons, plus the weapon.  Sword includes scabbard and holding rings.  Nunchakus come in different designs.  Bo Staffs come coated to prevent chipping.









Extra Private Lessons / Prepaid Programs – Save 10-20% of original price

Excellent for testing preparation, to learn special forms and techniques, or improve self defense skill.  Each private lesson is 30 min long and they are set up around your schedule.  Packages go for 5 lessons, 10 lessons, 15 lessons, and 20 lessons.  Lessons never expire.  Also for prepaid programs – pay your program in advance for the next 6 / 12 / 24 / 48 months and save now.



Also, All Bushido items (not listed above) are 10% off during the whole sale.  Please email us, or call us during the sale time to take advantage of the savings.


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