Dear USSD Family,

We are very happy to announce our Monkey Seminar, our last class of the year, coming to the studio on Saturday October 7th, 2017 from 2pm-4pm.  This is a wonderful way to continue our Black Belt Animal Series that will teach us plenty about Martial Arts Self Defense.

This Seminar is open to all ages and all belts and we are asking our STORM Team to be a part of it as well as this will be the last one this year.  You will be learning self defense techniques, different fighting styles as the monkey utilizes everything at its disposal, as well as a small Monkey Form.  This will educate, improve and overall help you develop your martial arts skills.  We are inviting all of you to attend.

When and where?  Mission Viejo West Studio – 24170 Alicia Pkwy., Mission Viejo, CA  92691

How much?  $55 per student, $50 per STORM, and you get $5.00 off if you bring a friend/sibling.

How to Sign Up

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