Hello USSD Family,

Welcome to 2015! We are so excited to share with you this year’s calendar.  Here, you can find all the planned events that are coming up such as Ninja Nights, Summer Camps, Seminars and Clinics, and others.  Also, you can see the days our studio will be closed, and when the rank test will be happening as well.

Please note that this calendar will change slightly throughout the year as other events are added, and to make it easier to keep up with changes, you will now have access to this calendar on your phone, as long as you have a Google account.  Contact us at sensei@karatemv.com if you have not gotten the link already.

Have a great Year.

Download 2015 Calendar Here

Live Google Calendar:

To Add this calendar to yours, simply click on the “+Google Calendar” Button above and it will be added automatically. Any changes to this calendar will reflect automatically as well.

iPhones – Use this link to add to your phone:

Iphone Calendar 2015