Welcome to our Annual Orange County Retreat.  This is a great opportunity for you, your family and friends, to join us in training away from noise and stress.  Let’s spend some time training, sharing and enjoying nature at O’Neill Park in Trabuco Canyon during labor day Weekend.

Here is the plan:

  1.  We will leave after work and school hours on Friday 9/2/2016 and meet directly at the park.  Meeting time: Between 5-6pm.  Once there, we will set up the tents and begin our retreat.  There will be a Night Training session featuring the 4 Black Belt Animals – followed by a bonfire.
  2. Start our day bright and early at 8am with Breakfast and our second training session.  Testers will begin their belt advancement ceremony at this time as well.  Next, a mid-day hike; and right after that, lunch.

3.  Continuing on to our 3rd training session, followed by some group activities and Dinner.  After that – Midnight meditation.

4.  On the last day, Sunday 9/4/2016, we begin our day with breakfast, our last training session and some group activities.  Lunch after that, and we pack up and go.

Cost:  $250 – per participant for all three days, $125 per non-training participant for all three days, $100 for anybody coming to join us on Saturday (9/3/2016) only.

Note: A One-time $50 deposit is required first to secure your spot.  The balance will be required before the start of the retreat.  Financing available (call us for details)

Who is allowed to attend?  Anyone over the ages of 8 years old is allowed.  However, we do encourage parents, or friends to join us as we only have a limited amount of Senseis.

Do I need previous Martial Arts Training, or be part of United Studios to attend?  No.  This will be a great introduction to Martial Arts for anyone who wants to be a part of it.  However, if you are not training, we are including a Non-training option, which will allow you participate of the events, activities and meals, but not the Martial Arts training.

What do I need to bring?  A tent and other camping equipment you might need. Examples are flashlights, sleeping bags, blankets, bug-spray, extra water, a backpack, outdoor shoes, etc.

What is being provided? We are providing the camp site, the training, all of the meals and water and some parking if you would like to leave your car at the site.  Also, all of the training throughout all three days, and for people testing, the testing certificates and belts. We are encouraging you to leave your iPods, and iPads behind.  The purpose of the retreat is to “withdraw” from common distractions and focus on yourself. Please note also that we will be staying away from civilization, but not too far away.  Our instructors will keep emergency kits, as well as communication devices in case we need them.  O’Neill park is very close to the city of Rancho Santa Margarita should we need anything else while we are away.

What is the Saturday only option? We have had some people show interest in joining us, but not necessarily on camping.  The event will be open to anyone who wants to join and train with us on Saturday only.  This will include training, activities and meals.

I want to test during the retreat, however, I cannot “ask” about my testing? Not to worry, feel free to ask about this particular event as we understand this is not showing lack of patience, just smart planning.  Consult with your Sensei if you have a choice to test during this time. If we consider you have met the requirements and would have tested during the September test anyway, we are happy to do that during the retreat.

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