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Welcome New Members

• TJ Johnson                    • Canyon Gates
• Dylan Jaffee                  • Noah Rangno
• Elizabeth Erban            • Jeffrey Mciver
• Brenden Mciver

Congratulations New Belts

Zoe Berger – Blue / Breen
Jason Reza – Purple
Jose rodriguez – Orange
Robbie Macey – Orange
Keyley Mamahon – Yellow
Joshua Honeycutt – Yellow
Rudy Villicana – Yellow
Alex Jemenez – Yellow

Events Coming Soon

  • Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar on March 20, 2010 at 3pm

On March 20, 2010 at 3pm United Studios of Self Defense Mission Viejo will be hosting their monthly Women Self Defense Class. Invite your friends and family. Any woman from 15 years old and up will be welcomed. Minors must attend with their parents.

  • Ninja night (parents night out!!) for kids 4-12 on April 2, 2010 5pm – 9pm. Please contact studio for more information.


Introducing USSD Mission Viejo Family Members

Sensei Melanie Pokroy

This month we like to introduce you to one of our newest sensei, Melanie Pokroy. Melanie has been a member of USSD for over 2 years and she is also a teacher at Anaheim City School district. She teaches kindergarten to 6th grade, and also special ed classes. Besides her passion towards martial arts, teaching is her second love.

Melanie is always very friendly and also very enthusiastic about learning new things, not only about martial arts, but also about people. She enjoys making new friends, and learning more about each of them, because she gets to learn more about the world and different aspect about life.

Melanie was born and raised in Reno until college. She started her martial arts journey in Tae Kwon Do at age 13 and studied for 6 years until she got to black belt. She moved to California for college, which prevented her to continue her martial arts training. She started searching for martial arts studio again in California after almost 8 years because she missed meeting new friends. While asking her why she started with a different style this time, she said, “I wanted to expand [my] knowledge in martial arts and learn […] the different aspects [of various] techniques.” She wishes to pursue further than black belt this time.

Martial arts has affected Melanie’s life by giving her more self control within herself and around others. She also became more confident when being in a large crowd. While asking her what she likes to do the best within all the classes so far, she said she loves learning how to use Escrima and Bostaff.

Sensei Melanie has been a great asset to our studio, and many of her students enjoy her teaching style, passion and perseverance. We wish her the best of joys in her martial arts journey.


The greatest problem of human life is fear. It’s the fear that robs us of happiness and causes us to settle for far less than we’re capable of. It’s the fear that’s the root cause of negative emotions, unhappiness and problems in human relationships.

The fear of failure and the fear of rejection are learned responses, programmed into you before the age of six. These fears usually set the upper and lower limits of your comfort zone. Because of them, you do enough not to be criticized or rejected on the low side, and you stay well within your limits so you can avoid risk or failure on the high side.

Once you’ve slipped into your comfort zone, you stay there, attempting to avoid any feeling of fear or anxiety. Your fears hold you back from most of what’s possible for you.

The opposite of fear is love, starting with self-love, or self-esteem. There’s an inverse or opposite relationship between self-esteem and fears of all kinds. The more you like yourself, the less you fear failure and rejection.

The more you like yourself, the more willing you are to reach out and take the risks that will lead you on to success and happiness. The more you like yourself, the more willing you are to take the actions that propel you out of your comfort zone and toward the achievement of your real goals and desires.

You begin the process of raising your self-esteem and overriding your fears by repeating the powerful words, I like myself! over and over.

You’ll soon see and feel the difference in your self-confidence, your competence and your relationships with others. You’ll start to feel wonderful about yourself.

Happy Birthday

Trevor Alan hill 03/01               Jose Rodriguez 03/09
William Schwarzenegger 03/09
Carlos Castillo 03/10               Dylan Jaffe 03/11
JT Salcido 03/15                     Joey Chelini 03/15
Jim Miller 03/22                    Adrian Nieto 03/24
Derek Lee 03/28                    Isis Sharber 03/29
Holly Danforth 03/29            Jared DePeratlta 03/30