Dear USSD Family,

We wanted to inform you of recent updates on our testing rates.  Though testing rates themselves have not changed we have had to add an additional fee for private testing, due to the increase on requests.

Private testing is an option we give to all of you in the case the regular testing date is not suitable to your needs.  However, this extra time also requires we have an instructor come to the test as well.  Most tests will go between 30-60 minutes and they need to be set up with a week’s notice.  We will be adding $25 to your testing fee should you request to have a private test and it goes for only 30min.  If the test goes for 60 min, we will be adding $35 to your total testing fee.   For example:  Yellow belt test goes usually for 30 min.  Testing fee for Yellow is $50 normally.  If you request to have a private Yellow Belt test, your total fee will be $75 ($50 for the Yellow Belt Test + $25 for a 30min private testing time)

If you prefer not to take this option, your testing date will be moved to the next scheduled test at no extra charge.  Please note that private testing is not allowed at Green Belt and Above, and does not apply to test at Headquarters.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Studio Manger, Sensei Lori at

Thank you.

USSD Mission Viejo West.