The Karate for Kids Program is a school based curriculum that teaches the following:

1.  Basics about the martial arts – stances, basic blocks, hand strikes, kicks and combinations.

2.  Basic self defense techniques – simple defenses against grabs, holds, pushes, chockes, as well as role playing situations that play out in school yards and inside of the classrom.

3.  Rules of focus – we emphasize the 3 rules of focus: eyes, body and mind; as well as practicing exercises that train you to become, over time, more focused on a task.

4.  We enforce hard work in school, and we reward good behavior during their academic classes, by allowing them to test, only once we can measure their change.

5.  We make it fun and enjoyable, so the student will like to continue training, by employing different hand-eye-feet drills.


Although our regular program varies in price, this one is very straight forward.  $45 per month for once a week – 30 min classes.  Also, there is a one time $20 enrollment fee that includes the uniform and patch.


How to Sign up

Fill in the following information please:

Or, you may Sign Up for this program by filling out the following form:

Click Here to Download Sign Up Sheet

and emailing it back to, or simply by dropping it a the recepition of you local school.


You may also Try a Free Class before getting started.



The following schools currently feature the Karate for Kids Program by United Studios Mission Viejo:

Tutor Time Irvine – Central Park Ave. –  Mondays at 11:30am

The Learning Experience Mission Viejo – Madero St.  –  Tuesdays at 10am

Mission Viejo Montessori – Madero St.  –  Mondays at 3pm

Pillars Academy – Madero St.  –  Fridays at 3pm

Spectrum Montessori – Trabuco St., Irvine.  –  Fridays at 3pm

Dana Montessori  – Violet Lantern St., Dana Point – Fridays at 1pm

Lake Forest Montessori – Thursdays at 10:30am

Not at any of these schools?

No problem.  Our program is flexible and can be brought to any school in the Orange County area.  If you would like your school to feature this program, please email us at, and we will contact the school for you.  Thanks.