Our Mission Viejo Summer Camp is Here

This Year our Summer Camp will teach you how to Fight! (for the movies only)

First, all participants will participate in a new re-make of an old classic: Street Fighter

Summer Camp 2013 Mission Viejo Karate

the Movie.

Based on the popular video game, we will be filming our own version of the movie and will be shooting at different locations, such as local beaches, parks and others.  All participants will be casted as one of these famous characters.

Also, we will be learning the art of Movie Fighting, aka Stunt Fighting.  We will be teaching how to use the camera and our martial arts skills to simulate fighting scenarios that will be ready for film.

At the end of this camp, all participants will be a part of the finished product, which will be available via our website, karatemv.com.

We will also provide food and drinks for everyone, at no extra cost.


Drop off time is 8:30am, pick up time is 5pm. If you need any extra time for pick up, please contact us, and we can arrange something for you.

Our Camp will go during the following dates:

1st Session:  From Monday June 24th, 2013 until Friday June 28th, 2013.  (Enrolling Now)

2nd Session: From Monday August 19th, 2013 until Friday August 23rd, 2013. (Open for Enrollment Now!)


To Register, please email us at sensei.luis@karatemv.com, call 949.586.3818, or fill out the sign up sheet at the studio.

Pricing:  One time Deposit $50

(non refundable)

After the deposit, your balance will be as follows:

Student/Non-Student: $245.00.  Sibling gets $50 off

STORM/Assistants: $200.00. Sibling gets $50 off

Sign Up by July 15th, 2013, and receive an extra 10% off.  If you participated in a previous camp, you receive $25 off extra.


Ages:  All students/non students ages 5 and up are allowed to participate in this camp.

Registration Deadline:  We must confirm at least 10 participants by August 1st, 2013, for the 2nd session, so please sign up soon.

Restrictions and Charge Date:  Please note that we will be charging everyone on August 1st, 2013 for their deposit of the camp, if you have not paid already.  By this date everyone on the list at our studio will be considered Confirmed for the camp.  No refunds shall be allowed after this date.


To Register Simply send your information to sensei.luis@karatemv.com