We are happy to announce our most recent Summer Camp in our great city of Mission Viejo.  We have people coming in from all over Orange County to our Jedi / Sith Training Summer Camp for kids ages 5-12 years.

In this camp you will learn about the use of the lightsaber and you will get to keep your very own.  These sabers are extremely durable and are meant for contact fighting.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Camp.

How much does it cost?

The total for a full day camp is about $65 per day, and for a half day camp is $55 per day.  Both of them include all the materials, entertainment, staff, facility rental, snacks and beverages, etc.  The full day camp also includes lunch.  Most lunches are provided by our sponsors like Subway and Togo’s.  They are healthy and very accommodating to dietary restrictions.  On the last day we do provide pizza.  If you are concerned about a specific dietary restriction, please feel free to communicate with our staff so we can make the changes necessary.

What do they learn?

They do a lot of different things.  First, this is a karate studio, so they learn karate! We work on punches, blocks, kicks and self defense techniques.  They also learn certain moves that they would with the lightsaber.  Second, they learn about the use of the light saber, and how it is practiced in battle.  It is all done professionally and safety precautions are taken to avoid injuries.  Our staff is highly trained and they make sure everyone has fun.

What else do they do?

Since this is a kids camp, we also have them do some other activities.  There is video game time, all with age appropriate games.  There is arts and crafts time, there is reading time, movie time, and playing time, where we go outside and enjoy the sun.  We are fortunate to have a park right next to us where we can play safely and enjoy the day. We try to do lots of kid activities and games to keep the children entertained and away from the iPads.

I am not sure if I will do it, but I would like to reserve my spot –

That’s no problem, simply click on the following link: www.karatemv.com/summer and fill out the form.  This will hold your spot for any of the camps.  As the day approaches, we will will require you to set up a $50 non-refundable deposit.  This will guarantee your spot and your materials will be purchased.  After that, if you decide to continue with the camp, the full amount will be due at the start.  Your deposit can be applied to your total. If you change your mind, please let us know ahead of time so we can release the spot.

What about drop off / pick up time?

Drop off is as early as 8:30am every day, Monday through Friday.  Pick up time depends on whether you do a full day or half day.  Half day ends at 1pm, Full day ends at 5pm.  If you need some extra time for pick up we are happy to accommodate, and luckily, we will be doing regular lessons during that time so the kids will enter the group class when necessary.

What about special needs?

No problem.  We already work with kids of all spectrums, and we are happy to have a professional staff that can deal with these circumstances.  We believe that all kids should have a chance to participate and enjoy their summer.

Feel free to call us at any time 949-586-3818 for more information on these summer camps, or visit our site at www.karatemv.com/summer to get more infomration and get started.