Tournament is Here


Tournament Season is Here.  We are very excited to be joining this year’s Summer Tournament, and in order to make it a success, we would like to invite you to join our Tournament Preparation Class.  These classes are designed specifically to make sure your performance at the Tournament is the best you can get.  Plenty of our students in the past, who were previously worried about participating in the tournament, including those who were joining for the first time, found out that with this class they were ready once the day came.

This class will take place all throughout the month of May 2014 on the following Dates: Tuesdays starting on 5/6/2014 from 6pm to 7pm until 6/3/14.

We will be working on the following:

1.  Forms– We will have you run a test scenario where you will get a chance to try a real

life tournament feel while performing a form.  You will be guided on your performance, and we will improve your skill and overall ability to perform with an audience.

2.  Sparring – We will be practicing sparring combinations, as well as sparring strategies to ensure you do well in your group.  Please bring your sparring gear, but if you happen not to have any, you may see your instructor, and we will take care of it for you.

3.  Weapons – We will be working on any weapon’s form you would like to present at the tournament.  If you do not have a form yet, we will teach you one.

Pricing for Tournament Prep

$25 for 1 class|  $45 for 2 Classes |  $95 for 4 classes 


About our Tournament

The Tournament will be held at our studio, Mission Viejo West – 24170 Alicia Pkwy., Mission Viejo, CA

Tournament Pricing:  $35 One event, $45 Two events, and $55 Three events

All Students 4 years of age and up may participate in our tournament.  You can compete in Forms (regular and open kata), Sparring and Weapons.

Saturday June 7th, 2014

From 9am until about 2pm


Please note our studio will be closed for classes that day.  If you need to reschedule your private lesson for that day, please give us a call.


Download Summer Tournament Sign Up Sheet

Times and Schedules:  Click the following link to download the tournament schedule


Summer Tournament Schedule and Times 2014