Hello USSD Family,

We had a great week this week, and here is the review:

Tiny Tigers – We worked heavy on two specific things: 1.  We worked a lot on their sparring combinations, specially against standing targets.  It is our believe that the more our young students learn that it is ok to hit at the studio and against inanimate objects the less they will do it at home, as well as the more they will learn about their own sparring abilities.  2.  We worked on their forms.  Forms for our little tigers are not required as heavily as for other students, however they are an integral part of our Martial Arts system.  Fortunately, every student that signs up with us, gets their forms on video, which allows for easy practice at home.

Teen Dragons – We had the opportunity this week to work with our Teen Dragons on their weapon techniques, specifically their side club and stabbing knife techniques.  These techniques can be found in our Student Resources section.  As a point of reference, all students below blue belt should have 2 techniques each.

Adults – With our adult students, we had the chance to work on their sparring, specifically on the use of hook/roundhouse punches and kicks.  As a general rule one should never use any of these strikes while attacking from yellow range, only from green and grey ranges.

Thank you so much for your support, and for your dedication to the martial arts.  See you next week.