Hello fellow Martial Artists,

Here is your week in review.

Tiny tigers – This week it was all about stances and half mooning.  Half mooning is important as it shows us how to move forward, and back effectively.  Your body should be slightly disconnected from your lower half, in order to acheive better mobility.  If you want a reference point, look at professional dancers.  Their bodies move the same way regarldess of weight and height.  Martial Artists accomplish the same by half mooning.

Teen Dragons –  For the Teens we worked the same, except we added hand combinations to every half moon.  You would be surprised of how effective it is to defend oneself once you know how to stand and move.  We also had a chance to review our Defense Manouvers.

Adults – We did it all this week: we worked on bags, did sparring, club techniques and others.  View the Student Resources section for more detailed techniques.

Thank you for your time.