Dear Parents.

What an exiting week!  We learned plenty at our studio during all different classes.  Here is a review:

1.  With the Tiny Tigers – 3 to 6 years – we worked hard on Slap Outs and Rolling.  This is important, as they develop in their Martial Arts, to prevent injuries.  Slap Outs are the way by which we take a fall.  We lean back, tuck our heads, and slap with bot hands on the ground, protecting our necks, and making sure we do not lose consciousness.   We also practiced Overhead Club #2 and Side Club #2, which you will be able to see in the Student Resources Section.

2.  With the Teen Dragons – 7 to 12 years -we also worked on Slap Outs and Rolling, as we believe this to be essential to all of our students.  We also practiced a few Club techniques, and we reviewed our forms.  We also placed special emphasis on sparring combinations, working in the air, and with each other.  These kind of exercises work on their sparring ability, and make it much more diverse.

3.  With the Adult Class – 13+ – we worked on Club techniques as well.  We specifically worked on Side Club #3 and different variations of this technique.  Side Club techniques are an important part of our system, as they develop crucial defense mechanisms as we learn how to protect ourselves against the use of certain weapons.  These techniques can be viewed at our website in the Student Resources Section.

Thank you so much for your time, we will see you next week.  By the way we are Open on Monday, January 16th, 2012, so see you in class!