Dear USSD Family,

This was an exciting week for all of us, especially for a very sucessful Ninja Night on Friday the 16th, 2012.  We want to take an opportunity to thank all of you for your support in filling out the Biggest Ninja Night at ourr studio so far!  Thank You!

Here is your Week in Review:

Tiny Tigers – This week we worked on Kempos.  For all students up to orange belt you should have Kempos A through D as a requirement.  These can be found in our Student Resources Section.  Also, we reviewed Side Clubs 1 and 2, and that should be considered homework for next week.

Teen Dragons – This week it was the turn of the Teens to work on sparring.  We worked not only on combinations, but also on timing and how to make it work for you.  One of the biggest things we saw was students placing their hands down once they finished a combition.  Never think that your opponent will get tired before you do, hence you should alwasy have your hands up, even after you think you have finished.

Adults and Sparring –  We had a great time with the sparring class, and also with the adult classes.  During these, we reviewed our side club techniques, and ran general reviews of all your material, since we were not going to have a Friday Class.  Also, during sparring, we worked on angling.  As a general rule, you should remember that stying in front of your opponent is advantageous for both parties.  If you are in range, so is your enemy.  Move to the side and around to get better perspective.

Thank you for the time you take every week to review these articles.  We hope it serves as a good reminder of all you learn at the studio every week.  See you next time.