Hello USSD Family,

This week we worked on the following:

Tiny Tigers – Kicks! It was  a fun time working with different kinds of kicks, and also working on balance.  Our goal was to make sure our Tigers knew which kick looked like what.  For anyone from white belt trhough orange belt, you should know the front, side, blade, back, crescent, reverse crescent, roundhouse, side thrurst, stomp, scoop and front intstep.

Teen Dragons: We reviewed this week the blocks open and closed handed.  Closed handed blocks are the classic blocks that we teach from the beginning, however, open handed blocks allow us to strike the hand we are blocking, causing damage as well as securing a block.

Adults – With the Adult students this week we worked specifically on knife and club techniques.  As a way of homework, please practive the first technique of each category: overhead, side, stabbing and slashing.  These are an important part of our stystem, and will be part of your test for your next belt.

Thank you for your time, and if you are going to the Leopart Seminar, make sure to sign up early, spots are limited.  Also, there will be a link with all the seminar pictures and video in the Events Section.