Dear USSD Family,

What a great Seminar we had.  All the pictures and Video are in the Events section.  These are only for participants of the seminar, and therefore they are password protected.  And now, for your week in review:

Tiny Tigers – Just as we practiced stances last week, this week we worked on their names.  Plenty of our students confuse one stance with another during tests, that is the reason why we work so hard to make sure you know how to use it, but also what is it called.  As a rule of thumb you should know the Front Position, Horse Stance, Crane Stance, Half Moon Stance, Fighting Stance, and Attention Stance.  These are located in your Black Belt Manual for future reference.

Teen Dragons – This week we decide to work on the bags.  Working with the bags involves precision strikes, rapid fire striking and other skills necessary for the proper function of Martial Arts techniques.  Of course, it is always better for your kids to hit a bag, instead of someone else on the street, or at home, so we teach our students that our studio is a safe environment for them to exploit their energies.

Adults – With the February Test coming, we decided to review this week.  We worked on all forms, dms, kempos, grabs, clubs and knives.  We also visited a bit of grappling.  As a general rule, kempo teaches grappling (a.k.a jiu-jitsu) as a way of self defense, but we do emphasize that this is generally not the first choice of fighting, as it involves you using all of your body to control and subdue another person on surfaces that your may not be comfortable in such as concrete and asphalt.

Looking forward to March and its St. Patrick’s Ninja Night on the 16th.  See you next time.