Dear USSD Family,

Here is our 4th Week of January of 2012.

Tiny Tigers  – This week we worked heavily on Club techniques.  We practiced side club and overhead club #3, which includes some semi-complicated techniques such as the hawk take down.  These kind of techniques are intended to show our students about control, and about working with your partner without hurtin them.  You can view these techniques in our Student Resources section.

Teen Dragons – We worked heavily on group attacks.  We call these Dragon circles and gunlets.  These kind of excercises teach our students how to react from any position, as the attackers are situated around them, and in no set patters.   These build coordination, strenght, and overall reaction time.

Adults – We worked a lot on our sparring combinations and also kempo punching techniques.  Specifically, we learned kempo I, which includes a snake kick.  Just as before, you can view this kempo in the Student Resources Section.

Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in class.