Welcome to our USSD National Tournaments.  These events are a wonderful opportunity for you to try your ability in the martial arts, get to see some exciting demonstrations, and overall, have a wonderful experience.  Our next competition will be in the beautiful Bay Area, California.  Please fill out the following information to register for this event.


  1. Get Started by selecting your event.  If you are planning on doing more events, finish signing up for one, and then come back to sign up for the other.  You will be guided to creating a profile first, and then you can add your Martial Arts Information.
  2. After you enter your information, fill out the payment information, and wait until the confirmation page.  Once you see it, you will confirmed for the tournament.
  3. After that, you will receive an email confirmation.  With this email you will be allowed in the arena.
  4. To purchase spectator tickets simply click on the Sign Up button of the same name.