It is always happy for us to see new events coming up very soon.  Training in Martial Arts has lots of different subsets that you will study as a student in United Studios: basics, hand to hand combat, sparring, grappling, self defense techniques, and weapons training.  This last one is the one that brings a special smile to all of us when we think about it, as we all enjoy practicing with different weapons.

Weapons can really benefit your skills as a martial artists as they develop speed, power, accuracy and overall awareness.  I particularly enjoy using the bo staff.  It is very versatile, it is legal, and if you happen to have a broom around, you already own one.  Bo staffs are incredibly useful weapons, and we suggest everyone knows how to use them.  Just like the Bo, during 2016 we will feature a whole group of Weapons Seminars all geared to help your training.

So how is this all happening? If you sign up for any of our seminars you will receive the weapon plus training for 4 weeks in a row to learn how to use it. After that, the weapons is free for you to keep and use.  The 4 lessons will show you how to use it, care for it, and how to utilize it in the Martial Arts.  You will also learn how to take advantage of it as a self defense weapon, and a kata you can perform during any of our tournaments.

Several seminars are coming such as the bo, the eskrima, the katana, the sai and others.  The most special of them all is the Lightsaber, for which we will be having an awesome training camp.

We will keep you posted as these develop and they keep coming up.  Thank you for your support and hope to see you at one of these.