This is a small introduction into our weapons training coming up soon.  As a Martial Artist I am intrigued by weapons training and what it can do to benefit our skills.  I have had the pleasure of working with different weapons during my training as a black belt.  One of my favorite ones are the knife and the nunchakus.  This month, we will be featuring these two as our weapons to train with.

The nunchakus are very versatile.  They teach us the movement of the stick in all different angles offensively as well as defensively.  They were originally used as farming tools, originally from Okinawa.  Although its true origins are hard to pinpoint, some say that they were utilized to break through weeds and break apart rice, but as we all know now, this was a cover to allow Okinawans to have weapons the Samurai would not be able to take away. Nowadays nunchaku training is more useful than ever as more an more people utilize bags, purses and other objects that are attached to strings.

For example, using a purse is the same as using a nunchaku.  It can be swung the same way, you can form a figure eight, same as the weapon, it has a hard end, aka. the buckle, and it has approximately the same length.  People usually ask me how these two things could be the same as they do not look alike, and what they seem to forget is that it is the way you use them as opposed to how they look that matters.

In the same manner, daggers, or knives, are just as useful.  In fact, knives come from pretty much anywhere in live. A pen, a letter opener, a kitchen knife, a box cutter, all of these have the same purpose – to cut.  A dagger, though an ancient version of the same tool, can be used for self defense in exactly the same way.

In fact, knives are legal, same as pens, same as letter openers, etc.