Recently I was approached by the family of one of my students.  This person, who I prefer keeping anonymous, shared an experience I had never heard like this before.  Her son recently started training Martial Arts at our studio.  He came in with a sunny disposition, and a great spirit, but neither him nor anyone in his family had ever done any Martial Arts of any kind.

We decided to try the trial program, and he got going.  A few classes in he seemed happy though I was not sure he would stay.  To my pleasant surprise he decided to continue the program including private and group lessons.  Right after a few lessons he said the following to his mom: “mommy, I like my karate, but I like my private class more.  The group is ok, but I like my class”.

I was so moved by those words that I decided to add this story.  Personal sessions are a cornerstone of our system.  It is ok to work as a group with other students, similar ranks, even higher ranks, but having a one on one session with your instructor is priceless.  Often I get asked, how much are your lessons, and the honest truth answer is “I am not sure”.  This comes not out of a desire to confuse people, but better out of pure and sincere doubt, since it is hard to put a price on the value of a personal session.  I am very grateful to this family for making my day, but most importantly for showcasing the value of personal attention.